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“But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up.”  Mark 9:27

The way  Jesus walked through this earth is marveling to me. He has the power to merely speak to make things happen. Yet in his love and compassion, he reached out and physically touched people. A few verses earlier, Jesus spoke and rebuked the evil spirit. His words alone took care of the situation. Do you wonder why he didn’t just say to the man, “Now stand up”?  Jesus, in his tenderness reached out physically, “took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet”.

I believe Jesus wants us to walk through life the same way. Certainly, we are to pray for people, but let’s be mindful to not only pray, but to reach out and take others by the hand and lift them to their feet. I think of the times that Jesus sent people to pray with me, then they reached out physically to help me. Those times in my life are unforgettable.

Is there someone today that you are praying for that needs a hand to lift them to their feet?

By Dan Norton

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