Why Are You Following?

“When Jesus came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him.” (Matthew 8:1)

Why are you really following Jesus? After the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus amassed a huge crowd. This huge crowd was made up of individuals who were all following Christ for different reasons:

  1. Some followed out of interest and curiosity. They just showed up because everybody was headed that way, and there was great interest in their own lives.  They wanted to know exactly what He was all about.  Maybe that is where you are right now in your pilgrimage toward God.  There is interest; there is curiosity.
  2. Some followed just because they were following the crowd. There was not a lot going on in Jesus’ day.  People followed crowds all the time because there would be different leaders and different teachers.  Crowds like this still ebb and flow, but do not stick.
  3. Some followed out of habit. It was common for a teacher to walk along and teach and a rabbi to have a following.  Jesus now was the new teacher in town.  It seemed like the thing to do. Churches are filled today with people who are looking for the next new thing…but rarely do those people stick, either.
  4. Some followed because they were longing to be part of something. They longed for their life to count, to get on the bandwagon, to support some cause for identification. Christianity is something to be a part of…knowing Christ will give more purpose and direction in your life than you could ever imagine.
  5. Some followed desiring to receive something. There was a leper in that group.  He needed something.  Though he followed probably at a distance for a while, he would rush in and yes, he would receive something very special.

Maybe that’s where you are today. You are in that crowd today following Christ for some reason which is different from another person in the crowd. God knows your need, your “why,” and your “why nots.” He is here, right now as you read these words, and longs to whisper to you, “I see you and long to meet you at your need right now.” Wait on Him and allow His loving arms to sweep around your heavy heart. Whatever your reason for following Him, He knows…just keep following.

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  1. Carl L Shrum on February 3, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    Again good, just keep trusting and obeying, keep on keeping on! Even when I can’t see Him, or don’t understand and/or completely agree with the circumstances, I know He is with me, behind the scenes, working things out for my good and His glory!

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