Silence Is Not Always Golden

“The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.”  (Obadiah 1:15)

We have two boys and one girl. Any parent who has boys understands what that means. Our house was filled with the activities of wrestling, fighting, pushing, and the inability to keep their hands off each other.

There are two brothers in the Bible who took sibling fighting to a whole new level. Esau and Jacob were brothers who fought in their mother’s womb and passed it on through future generations.

In the short book of Obadiah, you find that the nation of Edom (descendants of Esau) is taking great delight in the fact that the nation of Israel (descendants of Jacob) is being attacked and the land is being destroyed. Through Obadiah, God delivers a harsh message to Edom for doing nothing to help Israel protect themselves from their enemies.

There is a saying that is very popular right now: “See something, say something.” When you see someone who needs encouragement or protection, do something about it.  God’s people are precious to Him. There will be consequences to those who not only harm His children, but also to those who observe from a distance and do nothing. As a follower of Christ, we have a responsibility to serve others who are in need.

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