The Hidden Hammer

Job 7

Job was a man of God.  Still, the bottom had fallen out of his life.  All of his possessions had been destroyed.  His family had been wiped out.  God had delivered the righteous Job into Satans hand.  The blows God permitted Satan to land on Job appear to have been merciless. How could a good God allow this to happen?

There is an old story about a curious boy who went daily to a blacksmiths shop to watch the smithy work.  The blacksmith took a huge piece of iron, placed it in the fire with tongs, and then worked the bellows to make it white-hot. After removing the iron from the fire and laying it on the anvil, the blacksmith tapped on the iron with a small hammer.  Quickly an enormously large and muscular man on the other side of the anvil crashed down with a great sledge hammer, hitting the iron exactly where the blacksmith tapped it.  The boy said to the blacksmith, You dont do much good with that little hammer, do you?”  The blacksmith laughed and replied, No, my boy, but I show that big fellow where to hit.

Have you wondered why God allows you to go through tough times? Why is Satan allowed to strike blow after blow on your life?  There are no easy answers but remember this:  Satan cannot hit you anywhere or at any time he wants.  He is restricted by where God, using His hidden hammer, shows him where he can hit.  God will never allow you to be hit more than you can take, nor will He ever allow Satan to hit you where God does not permit.  Take heart; your Heavenly Blacksmith is in control.

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  1. Jacqueline Thomas on May 31, 2019 at 10:29 am

    WoW what a seasoned Word. Thank you God Will Be Done. I fret not of my future God can and Will handle IT All . He’s in Control

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