It Ain’t Over

“When Joshua had grown old, the Lord said to him, ‘You are now very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over.” (Joshua 13:1)

It ain’t over, just because you reach a certain age. Regardless of how old you are at this time in your life, don’t think for a moment you are no longer needed to step up to the battle line of ministry. You are important. In fact, your age may be an advantage to you.

Years ago, when I first decided to play racquetball, I entered the court to play a guy who was much older and much less in shape than I was. I thought, “I’m going to win this game. It’s going to be a cakewalk!” Well, instead of winning, the cake ended up on my face. He had me running around that racquetball court like a chicken with its head cut off. I was badly beaten, and my ego was bruised as well. What I learned that day was sometimes experience wins the day.

There are some things you can’t completely learn academically, but must experience them personally. That’s where the Amish must have come up with the expression, “We grow too soon old and too late schmart!”

Unfortunately, as we age, we often lose the fire in our bones to “take that hill.” Instead, we look for a hill on which to nap. But this is not just an elderly issue. Sadly, many who have few years under their belts have lost the drive to begin again or simply to complete the task at hand. What then, is the key?

Here it is: Joshua was still listening. He received his walking orders that day from the Lord Himself. He was not finished being the general who God had called him to be. He was far from completing the assignment, but needed a little boost and reminder of territory which still needed to be subdued. How about you; do you need a little reminder like Joshua? Remember, it ain’t over! Begin again, now!

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