I Am an Artesian Well

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” (John 7:38)

I remember the first time I saw an artesian well. Driving through a small Texas town, I saw it in the downtown area. Alone by itself, funneled with an “L” pipe, the water flowed into a small catch basin. Gushing from the depths of the aquifer, it wasn’t a trick, but the full, strong stream of water wouldn’t be stifled. The town apparently was proud to showcase it and just allowed all that fresh water to flow and capture the attention of those who passed by.

When reading this passage, I still see that sight in my mind.

Following Christ does the same thing through the lives of those intent on pressing in. Believing in Christ is more than a mental or academic exercise. It is about resting in the finished work of Jesus on the cross for your forgiveness and eternal salvation. So, the real result of that indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit within the life of the believer is flowing water. Not literal water, but real life teaching. Vibrancy and power, confidence and joy, peace and tranquility will not just ooze out, but shoot up into the air. Those streams of living water are needed right now.

Look around you today. You are going to be surrounded by thirsty people, looking for water which will really quench their thirst. Maybe just like my experience, they have never seen an artesian well before until today when you connect with them. They will know it immediately but you may not be thinking about it specifically at the time. Sensing something completely different about you, because you are in the flow of Christ, they will watch you, examine you, and try to figure you out. But here’s the deal: You and me….We are just “L” pipes. They need the Water, the Living Water! They need a taste of Jesus. One taste of His forgiveness, and they will never be the same, just like you. So, there you have it. God has placed you on display in the center of someone’s life to flow with His living water. Don’t cap yourself off from the desert world. You are needed more than ever!

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