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“But for Adam no suitable helper was found.” (Genesis 2:20)

Who do you think the “seeker” was?  One Old Testament commentator wrote, “The thoughts of Adam regarding the animals, to which he gave expression in the names that he gave them, we are not to regard as the mere results of reflection, or of abstraction from merely outward peculiarities which affected the senses; but as a deep and direct mental insight into the nature of the animals, which penetrated far deeper than such knowledge as is the simple result of reflecting and abstracting thought. The naming of the animals, therefore, led to this result, that there was not found a help mate for man.”

To which I would add, “sometimes it’s in the journey that God shows you not only what you have, but also what you don’t have. He remains both now and forever, Initiator, Provider, and Sustainer” for all things necessary in life.

Probably, Adam didn’t even realize what he didn’t know but did feel his lack of something. Remember, even though he knew about the animals, he also knew he wasn’t one of them. Could he have reasoned that because all of the animals had a counterpart and he had none, something was amiss in the garden? Possibly, but we will never know that on this side of eternity because Scripture is silent along those lines. What we can be sure of was God was with him in the process, guiding him all the way toward the divine surgical procedure, giving him what he had no idea he needed because it had never existed before in “his world.”

Life’s journey is much the same for each of us. We observe and feel our way along a path we are given, leading us to a place where we have never personally ventured. I’m convinced our Lord walks closely with us as we sense what we do not fully understand while at the same time feeling misplaced. He is there to meet that need even when we can’t completely verbalize it…we are just “feeling it.” Whether you live in a garden or along a path far removed from one, never wonder if He is absent from your physical and emotional reality. He is present and is looking forward to giving you the very thing you had no idea you needed the most.

Wait, watch and be filled with wonder at the hand of God in your life! Before we came to Christ, there was a longing for something that we did not know we needed…and God had already met the need at Golgotha. Remember the promise of Jesus: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

The “in-between” space of “life” and “full life” is filled full of those “not knowing what you do not know but feel” moments. Never forget: He is there, too.

So, who was the seeker? Who cares? That’s not the point!

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