Out of Step

“Blessed is the one who does not walk with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take…” (Psalm 1:1)

Are you in step with the world? If so, you may just be out of step with God. Harsh words of judgment which are personally evaluated are necessary along the path of the one following Jesus. On one hand, we always want to be loving and kind to all people, regardless of how they are living, but “walking with the wicked” is another thing altogether. To be in step with the world, means we have chosen their values of rebellion and embraced their self-described formulas for being “loving.” Scripture does not teach conformity to worldly values; it teaches just the opposite!

Today, examine yourself, and no one else. Allow the Spirit of God to probe deep within you to reveal your motives and actions. Listen long enough and you will hear His voice of truth echoing over any lie which you may have become self-convinced as the “truth.”Get free immediately and agree with the Lord that sin is sin. Mourn over the rationalization which has shackled you unknowingly. Remove yourself from the conversations with others who spew lies, often half-truths, which are fully false. If you have trouble removing yourself, then it says you are more in love with their friendship than that of the King. Don’t go easy on yourself. Repent and begin again. How long do you need to repent? Until, the Lord shows you the answer.

Many well-meaning believers stumble over the very first verse in the book of Psalms. Trip here and your song will only be heard in the ears of a fellow struggler and not in heaven. Is it possible to walk with someone, revealing your love and care for them while at the same time refusing to ignore or applaud their rebellion against God? Yes, but we will never be both salt and light if we are trying to show how tolerant we are. Stand in truth. Walk in truth. Play the music in your heart which reverberates with the rhythm of heaven. Do so today, and the right lyrics will follow.

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