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“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God.” (Psalm 20:4-5)

Nothing brings greater joy to the secure believer in Christ than when others around them are experiencing their heart’s desire. I hope you have a friend like that in close quarters with you. Someone who is not jealous or spiritually immature, who can speak words of blessing is a powerful ally. This passage comes from one who knew how to celebrate the victory of others. It sounds like this friend is one who has been praying for the victory of another, looking forward to the day when they could join in the celebration with their friend. May the Lord give you such a friend!

However, the question still remains, “Am I that kind of friend?” I mean, when people think of you, do they see someone who is already lined up as one of their cheerleaders? Are your balloons ready to be released for others? Every one of us has at least one balloon longing to be released in celebration. All too often, it is a balloon we have been saving for ourselves. Celebrate? We are all for it, but deep down inside we secretly want that celebration to be for us. In fact, if the truth be known, we would just as well not have our friends succeed if we ourselves are left out in the cold.

How do you get over that malady of heart? First, admit to yourself that you are terminally sinful. Though at times, holiness can be faked, we still wrestle with the power of our flesh on a daily basis. Thank the Lord, Jesus has the cure and knows just how to administer the first-aid we need. Second, mindfully verbalize words of blessing on others. Try it. I promise you, you will like it and so will your recipient. Third, plan to celebrate with your friend when they receive the good news they’ve been waiting for…and if they don’t, be there to sit with them and weep along in harmony. You see, celebrations will eventually come to the one who has first learned to celebrate with someone else. When we learn to do this, it really honors the One to whom all true celebration belongs, Jesus!

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