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“So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God.” (Genesis 45:8)

Joseph’s life was not a straight line. Blessed by his father with favor, and by his heavenly Father with the ability to interpret dreams, led to the displeasure of his brothers who probably felt like they were short-changed. They, in turn, developed a plan to do away with him, but were persuaded to sell him into slavery rather than taking his life. So, off goes Joseph into a foreign land, now absent from his earthly father, but not from his heavenly Father.

His new master, Potiphar was financially blessed by Joseph’s presence in his house. With Potiphar’s seductive, lying wife, things would turn from bad to worse for the young man. If you follow his story when he was in prison, you realize just how aimless Joseph must have considered his life’s journey was, especially when forgotten for so many years. But, just at the right time, with his skills and ability, he found himself as Vice Pharaoh. Second in command of the eastern world’s most powerful empire, this young man was finally in a place to help others, even his brothers who had set him up for failure.

This powerful story is one of forgiveness and spiritual insight. Joseph was given the ability to not only interpret dreams and administrate a kingdom but had the insight to know when and how to forgive. Even when his brothers had their eyes opened to who he was, their fear was met with his forgiveness and insight. You see, Joseph took the long view and saw his life’s work as an unfolding of God’s plan for not only himself, but for his family, as well.

How is your vision today? Although all of the pieces may not be fully in place yet, do you see how God is shaping your life to fulfill His purpose through your life? If clueless or confused, ask Him to open your eyes to understand what He sees for your life. A long look may be just around the corner for you today.

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