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“But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” (Psalm 33:11)

If we are going to be the individuals the Lord desires us to be, we must learn how to stand firm in every area of our lives. A solid conviction within our hearts must reveal itself in clear action in our lives. An internal commitment or belief we are standing for requires more than emotion; it calls for action. We must actually stand firm. The Scripture is clear that the Lord’s plans stand firm forever. So, if we are going to stand firm, we must be aligned with His Word and His purposes. Any other place is like quicksand.

So, how do you lock your knees in place and stand flatfooted on solid ground? How do we stand firm? Try these five things today:

1.  Choose to believe the Word of God and settle that in your intellect. Don’t play ring-around-the-academic flagpole. Settle it once and for all that the Word of God can be trusted. The God-breathed Word of God is essential for the rest of your life and will be the only thing you can count upon. Settle that now.

2.  Study the Word so you will be ready for action today. Stay long enough in study to understand what the Scriptures say. Do more than a cursory reading. This is real food for your soul!

3.  Pray the Word when you don’t know what to pray. Thank the Lord for the truth of His Word for your life. Use the Scriptures to praise the Lord and give Him glory in your prayer life. Start singing along with the verses.

4.  Share the Word with others. Talk about the insight the Holy Spirit has given you each day with a friend or family member. Enjoy sharing your journey in the Word with those who need the Word, too.

5.  Apply the Word to every area of your life. This is more than theory; it is how to live our lives. Application at times may be challenging because we don’t like change, but just like our cars, we often need an oil change…from the inside out!

Do this every day, and you will find yourself personally on solid ground and able to stand when the winds begin to blow all around you. Don’t wait for the winds to howl before you get the right footing…get set right now!

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