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“Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil…When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.” (Luke 4:1-2, 13)

During Jesus’ time on earth, He was tempted just like we are tempted, every single day. There is one particular account of Jesus being tempted in the Book of Luke that is very instructive. In this instance, Jesus gives us an incredible example of what it looks like to withstand temptation from the enemy. The example He sets starts with the state of His spirit.

Luke Chapter Four starts with, “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit…” If you’ve read this story before, you may have skimmed over this part of the verse, but it’s very important that we don’t miss the point the writer is making with this statement. Jesus intentionally refueled His spirit for times like this. He had spent time in prayer with His Father, asking for wisdom and strength as He continued His ministry on earth. In doing so, He was preparing Himself to be able to withstand temptation, whenever it arose.

You and I must have the same intentionality that Jesus had, if we are going to be able to withstand our temptations. If we are skipping our quiet times, rushing through prayers, and not spending quality time with our Heavenly Father, our spirits are going to be weak and vulnerable in the midst of temptation. If we want to have strength and godly wisdom when we are being tempted, we have to diligently refuel our souls. And the only way to do that is to spend time with the Lord.

My prayer for you today is that you would take hold of the strength that is available to you through the Holy Spirit, and that you would focus on refueling your spirit each day. You will never know when temptation might come, so now is the time to make sure you are ready and prepared for the inevitable temptation.

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