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I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  (2 Timothy 4:7)  

I am not a runner and I don’t enjoy running. For a short period of time in middle school, I was part of the track team. There was one thing our coach would tell us, “finish the race!” It did not matter what place we were in but we needed to finish the race. In life, we will all cross the “finish line,” but it is how we run the race that will impact the world.

When my grandmother’s race came to an end, she left this earth and went to be with Jesus. She ran her race in such a way that it was clear what her focus was. She was not focused on gaining earthly possessions, or gaining political status, or making a name for herself. She was focused on sharing the Gospel in her family and with the world. Her race made an impact on my life that spurs me on to run my own race for Christ.

What does your race look like? Have you even started the race? The race begins when you surrender your life to Christ. Christ died for our sins and offered us forgiveness for those sins. When we realize we need a Savior, the race begins.

The race can seem long and difficult. Many times, we become distracted and stop running altogether, but, praise God, He never takes us off His team. His plan for you is perfect. Are you running with the intensity that allows others to see that you are focused on sharing Christ’s love and forgiveness with those who are watching you? Whether you are just starting your race or toward the end, you need to be pressing on to further the Kingdom of Christ. My prayer is that when my race is over, that I have fought the good fight, run a good race, and kept the faith.

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