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Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus… (Romans 8:1)

Many people live daily with condemnation. We hear it from others in our workplaces, and some are reminded of falling short of expectations when they arrive home at night. This is a difficult burden to bear. Even harsher is the self-condemnation that some endure at their own hands. Thinking they are not enough and believing other lies by the evil one, it leaves some people crippled emotionally. When you remember words and phrases spoken by someone in your past, it can hamper moving on in your Christian life. Unfortunately, people can be paralyzed because words spoken decades before have made their way into the core of their personality.

There is good news to all who are reading this devotional today: There is: “Now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!” Right now, as a child of God, no one has the right or the authority to condemn you. Don’t give anyone that authority over you. If you have, take it back! The celebration for the children of God is diminished when they allow anyone to condemn them. That is why we need to be careful how we talk to our brothers and sisters in Christ. When you speak words off-hand and off-course, they have the ability to hurt someone deeply who has been bought by the blood of Jesus. 

How should you live today? Make sure you are living with wings of joy, fully spread and flying. Don’t be the weight on someone’s back by speaking out of frustration and anger. Instead, be an encourager of others, just like you need and desire from them. Allow God to reveal if you are living under a self-imposed spirit of condemnation. He will if you listen. Paul wrote a great word for us when he penned, with the Spirit’s guidance, Romans 8:1. Do not condemn!  

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