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Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

 (Colossians 3:2)  

Living for eternity makes you more effective for today! It really does, but all too often, we get sidetracked and derailed. If your mind is not controlled, you lose your equilibrium. When we allow our thoughts to wander, it will thwart us from handling the present tasks before us. 

This passage speaks of taking charge of our minds and directing them heavenward. Choosing to charge headlong into heaven with your thoughts is a spiritual directive. Even in prayer, how often are our thoughts easily hijacked by a sale at the local store? We might find ourselves in conversation with the Lord, but our mind is elsewhere. Have you ever been there, or is it only me? 

Do you think the Lord is offended by your mind wandering? Of course not. He is the one who designed you and created you for His glory! So, don’t let the evil one, for one minute, condemn you for your “wandering mind.” Don’t give him the satisfaction of distracting you for another second! Simply take charge of your mind in that moment, and place your thoughts higher, in heaven where God’s will is constantly accomplished. Take the proactive step and ask Him what He wants you to think about in this moment. It is the only moment you have right now. Seek His face, and not the faces of those around you, or the cares that are consuming your attention presently.

 “Help me, Jesus in this place, right now, to focus on what You desire. I earnestly want to see what heaven’s agenda is for my day, so I may experience Your will on earth, accomplished as easily as it is in heaven!”

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