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Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21)  

Appearing behind locked doors, Jesus shows the disciples His scars. Before He does, He speaks to calm their fears, and give them a holy directive. Two different times, He says, “Peace be with you!” Think of that for a moment. We must be calm and at peace before we can align with His purpose. When we are fearful and fretting, we are self-consumed and paralyzed. Where are you today? Are you behind any self-locked doors? 

We stay behind our locked doors when we are captivated by fear, regardless of where that fear is rooted. The calming words of Christ are never more needed than now for us! Hear His word for you today, “Peace be with you!” Just like the disciples, it may take hearing that more than once for it to sink in. Hear it again, “Peace be with you!” Breathe that in. Meditate on it right now. Stay here until you sense His peace surrounding your heart and calming your spirit. Moving forward without it will produce only harried activity and manic distraction.

When we are experiencing the peace of Christ in our lives, we are ready to align with His purpose. Just think about this: The directive of Jesus for us is already aligned with His. We simply need to carry on His mission, in His way, with His power and provision for the Lord’s purpose. The excitement to be on His team will only find its way into your heart if you have His peace. If it is not present, ask Him for it now!

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