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…everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.  (Isaiah 43:7)

You are so unique!  There has never been nor will there ever be another person just like you to walk the face of the earth.  Custom crafted and finely polished by the very Hands of God, your life is a special one-of-a-kind creation.  Think about that for a moment.  Stop reading these paragraphs, close your eyes, and dwell mentally upon that wonderful picture of how special you actually are!

Did you laugh?  Possibly, you did because of both the enormity of the project and the ramifications of such uniqueness.  You, a child of God, have been created for His glory!  Think of that.  “…for my glory…”  Your life is to bring God glory and it will…especially as you allow the ongoing creativity of the King to mold you into the work of art that you are becoming each day.  The lines of character that He etches upon your heart and even your body state dramatically that He is the artist and you are the canvas.  Let Him sketch and don’t refuse the brushes with color upon your experience.  It is for His glory, though not always to our preference.

“…whom I formed and made.”  Your life, look and even your outlook are to be enjoyed and embraced by you.  The applause of the world is often for those who reflect and exemplify fleshly aspirations rather than the pleasure and workmanship of God.  All too often, the Christian leader is tempted to repackage himself in wrappings that appease his peers, rather than pointing out the divine difference through casual observation.  You have been formed and made by God.  Enjoy how He has made you this day!  All the events which He has used up to this point in your life have formed your special quality of individuality.  It is of His making.  Regardless of the style of art you are, enjoy it!  God surely does and others, who think along His lines will enjoy, too!

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