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Without revelation people cast off restraint… (Proverbs 29:18)

A true leader has eyesight that is wide-angled.  Like a camera lens that encompasses a panoramic view, the man who is able to see farther than what others see has the characteristic of a great leader and equipper of others.  What does he actually see?  Does he see the problems ahead on his road of responsibility?  Does he have special insight into the kinds of people he needs around him to accomplish his task?  Does he already envision a plan of strategic operation, including the steps necessary for success?  The answer is “Yes” to all of these questions, but he also sees much more!

A leader with vision to succeed in his quest is one who is able to see that his journey is going to require more than he can personally accomplish by himself.  He already sees others coming alongside him to reach the goal and join the team.  The sharing of that vision with others is one of the tasks that a leader must deliver with pinpoint accuracy.  Others who link up with the leader’s vision must catch his heartbeat of expansion in terms of equipping and developing.

Outside a complacent city, Jesus encountered a woman at mid-day. (Matthew 9)  She probably chose that time to avoid the busy-bodies and other gossips who would use her lifestyle and moral heartbreak as more fodder for their self-righteous conversations.  No one in her town would have ever considered that such a person with a past as checkered as her present could be used so greatly.  Instead of caustically criticizing her, Jesus saw someone who, when they were loved, held the key to reaching hundreds in a short period of time.  While she ran toward her acquaintances to share who she had found, the disciples finally made their way back to Jesus.

Glowing with the joy of touching one, Jesus was full; not with the makings of great dining, but with great purpose.  As He talked to His followers, He said, “Pray for the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth laborers into His harvest.”  Can you see it now?  While He spoke, the Samaritan town, from the woman’s testimony, came rushing out to visit with such a man…the God-man, who knew what lay ahead for His Kingdom. It would require the loving commitment of others to expand His mission.  Great leaders, regardless of where they lead, are looking for others to capture their vision that comes from a higher calling.  “Leader sight” is a kind of vision that has eternal consequences! 

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