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The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)

Have you wondered how you can know if Jesus is the true source of your fulfillment? There is a good way to determine the answer. You will know if Jesus is really fulfilling your life when things aren’t going well for you, when your circumstances are less than ideal, and you are still looking to Christ. When the bottom falls out of your life, you will know if you are sincerely following Jesus, or whether you have only been following Him because He has blessed you up to this point. 

When your life is not so blessed, and your prayers are going unanswered, where are you looking for answers? Where are you finding your hope, peace, joy, and contentment? If you are looking to anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, you will always come up short. 

I have seen many people who have walked through tough circumstances, endured hurtful situations, and navigated difficult relationships; and yet they still have the joy of Christ flowing out of them. When I see people like this, I know  they are looking to the Lord for comfort and peace. Regardless of what they are dealing with, they are  finding fulfillment in Him. 

On the contrary, I have seen people walk through difficult times and look elsewhere for fulfillment. I have seen people turn to drugs, alcohol, food, television, shopping, or relationships; however, none of those things will ever satisfy you. None of those earthly things will ever be enough to fill the hole in your heart, which only God is designed to fill. 

If you are walking through a difficult season right now, where are you turning? Are you turning to the things of this world? If so, I encourage you to turn away from those things, and instead, look to Christ. Only He can give you the satisfaction, peace, joy, and comfort that you are desperately trying to find. 

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