Your estate may be larger than you imagine when you consider life insurance proceeds, retirement plans, and equity in your home.  Thanks to our partnership with PhilanthroCorp, you can now speak with an experienced estate specialist free of charge to ensure that you have thoughtfully constructed a Will or Trust that reflects your values and priorities. Through a series of confidential phone conversations, your PhilanthroCorp specialist will design a plan that will ultimately be implemented by your attorney or one you select within PhilanthroCorp’s nationwide, fixed-fee attorney network.  Those who have taken advantage of this service have shared how it has given them ease of mind knowing that they not only had an opportunity to bless each child or grandchild, but also to invest in ministries such as Higher Aim that they are passionate about using optimum tax-saving strategies. Below you will find information about our partner in this endeavor, PhilanthroCorp, and tools to help you in this process. We do hope that you will find their services to be a blessing to you and your family.
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