How To Share Your Faith

Dec 4, 2022    Dr. Curt Dodd

By diving into today’s key Scripture passage, I want to describe how to share your faith. I want to equip you and give you a tool on how to engage other people in a conversation about Jesus. As I say this, you might be thinking, “I am not that kind of person. I am not someone who can engage with someone. That's not my personality. It’s just not me. I would rather point them to a pamphlet or encourage them to go to church. I just have a hard time sharing.” If that is you, I would urge you to shift your mindset on sharing your faith because we have a direct command from the Father to do so. You became a believer because someone else shared their faith with you. And that’s how other people will become believers in Jesus, by hearing someone share their faith. Therefore, we need to take this responsibility of sharing our faith seriously.